Productivity and fmfirst®

fmfirst productivity chartThe NHS is facing continual pressure with increasing demands on its resources including an ageing population, technological advances and further calls for on-going efficiency savings. With growing media and public attention in relation to quality of patient care (including recent high profile CQC activity), increasingly, there is a requirement to balance calls for improvements in productivity against maintaining the highest possible standards of facilities management and ultimately patient care.

In 2009 the NHS announced that in response to the economic downturn and the increasing demands on healthcare, it would need to deliver between fifteen and twenty billion pounds worth of efficiency savings per year by 2013-14.  With around 40 per cent of these savings expected to come from increased efficiency in hospitals, the Kings Fund estimated that this would require year-on-year productivity gains of around 6%.

The 2012 Nuffield Trust report `Can NHS hospitals do more with less?’ states that such saving levels can only be achieved through hospitals making significant improvements in productivity and efficiency and the identification of opportunities to `enhance outcomes and reduce costs by speeding up the adoption of affordable new technologies.’

Free White Paper from Asckey – improving productivity in NHS estates and facilities management outlines how new software technology can support efficiency saving targets.