Mobile fmfirst®

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Considerable savings can be made by implementing hand-held technology and remote working for increased efficiency and productivity of remote staff including engineering and trade staff.

Remote workers receive full details of a task, eliminating the need to carry paper tickets or seek the use of a PC terminal. fmfirst® Mobile Task Management (MTM) allows you to direct resources to where and when they are most needed.



Benefits include:

  • increased efficiency of remote mobile workforces
  •  live data updates – accurate data monitoring and reporting
  •  full system integration – all entries, events and timings are uploaded to the central fmfirst® system for full integration into the standard operating, reporting and auditing process
  •  enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) attainment
  •  instant allocation of instructions – technicians receive complete information and instructions remotely in real time
  •  full record of events and timings are uploaded to the host fmfirst® system for full integration into central  operating, reporting and auditing systems
  •  information captured at source reduces error rates and eliminates double entry
  •  powerful, lightweight portable devices are easy to use with minimal training

Mobile device compatibility

MTM is designed to run across a range of industry standard PDA’s and smart-phones. Flexible connection methods include WiFi and 3/4G connection. Mobile Stock Management – mobile stock checks are the ultimate mobile function.  Trades staff can scan (where barcode supported) or manually enter Stock IDs and quantities directly onto a mobile device. Immediate updates to central stock system and task tickets for real-time stock data reporting. (see the fmfirst® stock module for details).