fmfirst PLACE mobile

fmfirst PLACE mobilefmfirst® PLACE mobile is the new mobile data collection software programme that simplifies and speeds up your PLACE collection process. Data can be uploaded directly to the main efm portal to reduce time consuming manual data entry and related potential error rates.  Other benefits include:

  • Fast download of site specific question sets from the HSCIC’s efm portal to your hand-held device – always have the current data set
  • Auto-fill responses and drop down menus simplify the collection process  – ensure validation and standardisation of answers
  • Upload the collection data directly to the main efm portal upon completion – eliminate time consuming and error prone manual data entry
  • Collections can be made without a permanent wireless connection – especially suitable where site wide wireless coverage is sometimes unreliable.

Compatible with all mobile and tablet device formats, fmfirst® PLACE mobile provides a highly cost effective data collection solution.  fmfirst® PLACE mobile enables you to simply and effectively monitor the needs of patients and identify where improvements can be made.  PLACE lite mobile – offers focused remedial work planning, all year round.

Contact us today on 0845 270 7747 to find out how fmfirst® PLACE mobile can support your PLACE data collections and to discuss our free trial offer.