Fmfirst estates v2017.1

fmfirst® estates and facilities v2017.1 includes significant additional new features of the release include the addition of Additional new features include:

  • Integration with SFG20 now allows PPM pre-population with solution’s Core and HTM schedules.
    Ability to assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a job.
  • Ability to schedule your PPM generation for overnight creation.
  • Task tickets can now be created with multiple elements of work, each of which can then be
    assigned to single or multiple staff.
  • New task element sign-off on MTM tasks allowing staff to identify which parts of a job have and
    have not been completed.
  • Phase 1 of new Task Planner allows ‘drag and drop’ allocation of tasks based on dates and staff

SFG20 has been integrated with Asckey’s leading CAFM system fmfirst® estates and facilities, giving organisations increased control over maintenance schedules and costs. The combined solution is available as an option within the standard fmfirst® estates system.  The standard fmfirst PPM (planned preventative maintenance) module will be pre-populated with both the SFG20 core and HTM schedules.  The schedules will be automatically updated each time a relevant SFG20 update is available.  Additional new features in this latest release include the ability to assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a single job where more than one tradesman is involved in a task. Task tickets can now also display multiple work elements and users can sign-off separate job elements. The addition of a new task element sign-off on MTM tasks, allows staff to quickly identify which parts of a job have and have not been completed.  Planned Preventative Maintenance Tasks (PPM’s) can now be scheduled to run on the server overnight saving valuable time and desk-top resources.  Tasks can now be accurately allocated based on specified dates and staff availability by the addition of new task planner ‘drag and drop’ functionality.