fmfirst® web

fmfirst web moduleThe fmfirst® web module provides trust staff instant access to key operational functionality without the need to access the main fmfirst® system.

Staff can report new faults and view the current status of existing tasks; gain instant access to view staff training records and view assets and associated documents related to a location.  Trades staff without mobile access can use the module to log-on and off tasks remotely, providing instant access to up-to-date task information.

Benefit from:

  • increased efficiency and productivity with instant access to key information
  • simplified ticket creation any time, from any location
  • reduced help desk contact with self-logging of routine maintenance tasks even outside standard working hours
  • reduced staff travel time with live  task feedback from any PC/laptop/PDA with a connection to the trust network
  • reduced travel time and paperwork with web tasks allocated at location
  • instant real-time task status tracking plus job history with traceable audit friendly data display
  • live task data provides greater accuracy in time and labour costs estimates

Find out how the fmfirst® can help improve cross site efficiency – access the fmfirst® web data sheet or call Asckey on 0845 270 7747 today.