fmfirst® survey

Hand held device SURVEYHow can you ensure that vital maintenance tasks are being carried out to set guidelines? 

Effective site management means having the ability to monitor essential tasks and processes.  A bespoke online survey tool can support your vital compliance and monitoring obligations.

fmfirst® survey provides flexible survey creation options that allow you to create tailored survey templates as required as part of your ongoing auditing and monitoring program. Perform vital service checks while at the same time creating an essential audit trial.  Create secure, online surveys with a number of flexible question sets and related drop-down responses.

Survey pass or fails are recorded, with any failures being followed-up with a rescheduled survey date.  Any negative survey results can be used to form the basis of remedial action plans, ensuring that any failures are rectified to specified time frames.  Once a survey has been completed, automated summary reports are triggered and sent to all relevant members of staff.  fmfirst® survey provides:

  • bespoke survey template – create multiple survey types
  • easily formatted survey templates – created to your own exact requirements
  • live, one point data entry at assessment – improved efficiency
  • links to estates package – estates tasks can be created for follow-up remedial actions
  • automated reports identify failures – use to inform remedial action plans
  • efficient paper-free technology with auto-responses – reduce data input and duplication  error rates
  • mobile option for surveys – continuous internet connection not required
  • on-line survey functionality – central access and cloud based data storage
  • secure site specific log-on – data access at any location

Case study – fmfirst® waste audit management survey
Waste audits are a legal requirement in the health sector and play an essential role in demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards. Regular audits are recommended to monitor the effectiveness of processes such as waste segregation and waste minimisation initiatives.  fmfirst® waste management survey provides:

  • accurate identification of areas of non-compliance, areas for improvement and staff training needs
  • full record of remedial actions with full audit trial
  • staff ownership, awareness and participation

Access the fmfirst® survey waste management or general compliance product sheet for additional information or contact us today on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.