system security

Improve your system security with controlled user management and tailored system access. System access is controlled through assigned user logins with the option to define a user group or allocate multiple group permissions.  Target individual users to specific types of work (eg. self-service task creation role only), or to data relating only to specific locations, management units, etc.  Control access to individual application modules or even individual tabs.

fmfirst® system security unit provides:

  • accurate targeting of individual users (or user groups) to specific work areas tailored to an individual areas of responsibility
  • reduction of data entry errors in key areas such as financial control
  • improved workflow efficiency with allocated staff authorisers, particularly effective for  purchase requisitions and orders sign-off
  • defined responsibility levels  eg. authoriser of purchase orders at trust level (staff only see their own site or store details)
  • full overview of staff deployment with tailored Helpdesk style view for specified site or task types
  • higher level management access for efficient data management across all sites
  • further improved efficiency and productivity with self-service task creation and tracking

For further details access the fmfirst® system security and staff management data sheet or contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.

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