staff management

Get the most out of your workforce with this tailor made sstaff management unit.  Accurate, targeted staff information supports cost effective staff management with full control over essential staff data.   fmfirst® functionality provides an effective staff management tool for staff deployment, training, qualifications management, leave and absences tracking.  The  fmfirst® staff management unit provides:

  • quality asset maintenance with tasks matched to staff qualifications (staff groups and location)
  • simple but effective qualifications management system to ensure staff suitability
  • current staff records including qualification expiry dates and required qualifications against tasks/equipment types
  • forward planning for improved efficiency with sickness and leave planning
  • service continuity assured with workload redistribution to cover absences
  • assisted year-end processing – reset leave allocations and other forecasted absence (including checks for leave carried over into the next year,  leave bookings over entitlement and accidental duplicate requests)



Staff Shift Patterns

Staff Qualifications

Staff Qualifications list

Staff Leave



For further details access the fmfirst® security and staff management datasheet or contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.

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