Accurate and timely management information is the ultimate end-goal of all fmfirst® data collections.  Data entry paths are tailored from beginning to end to satisfy user reporting objectives.  Real time data can inform the management decision making process, contributing to efficiency and productivity improvements in all areas.

fmfirst® offers unrivalled CAFM with data reporting at multiple levels.

Benefit from:

  • intuitive query lists with the capability to define sort and group data.  Move or exclude columns, define columns and retain defined default layouts
  • simple, ad hoc reporting with intuitive point and click slection of data filters with detailed information display and PDF option
  • simple point and click selection of data enables effective on-demand, specific reporting as required
  • summary and drill-down reports exporting data to a variety of data  interchange formats including CSV and XML
  • bespoke suite of over 200+ Crystal Reports, available on demand as named reports
  • tailored, customised report formats to specific user requirements

To find out how fmfirst reports can help managed your essential management information, contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7748 today.

Core functionality: