finance and purchasing

fmfirst® integrates all pivotal financial management tasks including purchase orders, stock control, cost and budget centres.  This fully flexible financial reporting and analysis unit provides complete control over all your FM financial records.  Track ordering cycles from initial requisition through to approval, order placement, goods receipt and stores update.

Benefit from:

  • fully flexible real-time reporting and analysis structure for complete on-site financial management
  • greater cost efficiencies with combined purchase orders and stock control linked to cost and budget centres
  • task specific stock and purchasing data
  • financial tracking with budget, income, invoices and commitments management from requisition to goods receipt
  • cost centre control including simplified updating and cross-posting of budget and cost centre amounts
  • increased control with accurate financial information at each process stage
  • forecast costs and trends to enable simplified ordering and stock level adjustments across multiple locations
  • accurate costings, balances, supplier information and reordering with full audit trail

For more details access the fmfirst® finance and purchasing datasheet or contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.

Core functionality