project management

Maximise your operational performance with clearly defined project related activities.  Dynamic and flexible functionality combines key fmfirst® units to support essential project management and reporting tasks.

Benefit from:

  • improved productivity with controlled budget management and cost centre control
  • improved communication links with key stakeholders and associated contracts
  • multiple project cost control with links to purchase orders management for single or multiple projects
  • targeted budget planning with live project updates of key project activity including times, costs, tasks and total budget remaining
  • combined project and task management for full end-to-end project management
  • asset management functionality links assets to a project including multiple usage classifications
  • dynamic at-a-glance data display with timeline or Gantt style chart for daily, weekly or monthly views
  • full flexibility and control including timeline of essential activity
  • targeted reporting options with a range of project status reports including resource and budget allocations

For more details about how fmfirst® project management can help manage your essential project data – contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7747.

Core functionality