help desk

This central task control hub enables fast and efficient task management across the whole estate.  fmfirst® help desk contains a number of pre-defined task templates and screen fields relating to the identity and location of the caller.  The combined use of drop-down lists and standard task templates simplifies the task creation process for greater efficiency.

Benefit from:

  • fast and accurate task creation that increases productivity and efficiency
  • number of key strokes kept to a minimum
  • user definable priorities to assist in faster task scheduling
  • reduced helpdesk calls with self-service option (via fmfirst® web module) allows staff to create, edit and view the status of tasks without the need to contact a central help desk
  • the ability to manage tasks for both internal staff and external contractors

Discover how fmfirst® help desk can streamline your essential CAFM task management activities – call us today on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.

Core functionality