mobile task management (MTM)

MTMHand-held technology and remote working can transform Estates and Facilities department operations.  Maximise the benefits of your FM system benefits with mobile task management (MTM) to fully utilise remote staff time and increase task productivity and efficiency. MTM can help make considerable savings by reducing task administration, travel and printing costs.

Remote workers receive full details of a task, eliminating the need to carry paper tickets or seek the use of a PC terminal. fmfirst® MTM allows you to direct resources where and when they are most needed.

Benefit from:

  • increased efficiency with remote worker task maintenance including an electronic signature
  • live task updates with instant task information at any location
  • full integration to the central fmfirst® standard operating, auditing and reporting system
  • instant allocation of tickets/instructions to trades staff remotely in real-time
  • reduced error rates and duplication with information captured at source
  • reduced paperwork – dramatically reduce or even eliminate
  • reduced travel time and costs
  • accurate data monitoring and recording
  • hazard notifications for enhanced staff awareness
  • flexible connection methods including WiFi, 3/4G and the ability use a range of industry standard PDAs and smart-phones

Mobile Stock Management
Mobile stock checks are the ultimate CAFM mobile function.  Trades staff can scan (where barcode supported) or manually enter Stock IDs and quantities directly onto a mobile device. Immediate updates to central stock system and task tickets for real-time stock data reporting. (See the fmfirst® stock data sheet for more details on how to maximise your stock efficiency with fmfirst®).

For more information access the fmfirst® MTM data sheet or contact us today on 0845 270 7747.

Core functionality: