document management

Link essential documents to assets, equipment categories, templates and schedules, task tickets or stock items.  Documents such as warranties, user instructions and third party contracts can be easily linked to data records for fast, convenient access at any time.  The fmfirst® document management unit provides:

  • clearly listed associated documents related to a specific task or asset
  • fast simple document access at any location to view or edit
  • high visibility of essential task specific documents with automated document printing as tickets are raised
  • quick document access and preview facility

Standard fmfirst® security provisions are applied to document access and unauthorised users denied access to view or add new documents linked to secure data records.  General document management access can also be restricted to authorised staff only.

Flexible web access
The Document Management system is fully accessible via the fmfirst® web module.  Web access provides greater flexibility for instant document access both on and off-site.

To find out more about how fmfirst® can help manage your essential documentation contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 today to discuss your needs.

Core functionality