asset management

Track availability and full life-cycle of your essential assets.  Powerful, user-friendly asset management functionality closely monitors all relevant financial, technical and administrative information including location and maintenance details for all specified assets.  The asset genealogy tab allows users to nominate the parent asset for the currently selected asset. This tab also displays a list of assets already defined as child assets to the currently selected asset.

Benefit from:

  • clearly visible asset tracking for loaned internal or external assets by location
  • consistent, reliable asset servicing and repair with automated task creation relating to individual equipment categories/model types
  • robust asset data register relating to all essential assets, including related costs
  • compliance to health and safety standards by associating hazards with locations
  • realistic cost control management by linking contracts with associated assets including depreciation
  • qualified asset maintenance by associating maintenance qualifications with related assets/tasks
  • real time reporting with live at location data updates providing a critical overview of all maintenance activity with mobile asset survey
  • improved cross-site efficiency with mobile functionality providing full-cycle asset management on the move

For full details please access the Asset Management data sheet or call us on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.


Core functionality