fmfirst® estates and facilities

Estates and facilities management software 

fmfirst® estates and facilities provides all your essential CAFM software functionality required to support maximum efficiency and productivity.

Powerful, simplified and intuitive functionality has been specifically developed to support all your essential facilities management requirements including: task management, premises and help desk management, staffing, financial and reporting management across all site locations.

Benefit from:

  • full site control, simplified task ticket creation and task management with targeted, intuitive Helpdesk
  • financial control and flexible reporting
  • meaningful management information (MI) plus long-term audit trail for long-term peace of mind
  • centralised staff management including training, sickness and absence management
  • increased efficiency with full mobile/PDA compatibility providing full cross-site control and remote user accountability
  • CQC compliance for asset management and maintenance for the “safety and suitability of premises”
  • SFG20/fmfirst system integration – increased control over maintenance and costs

Discover fmfirst® facilities management software – download the fmfirst® estates and facilities product sheet or call us on 0845 270 7747 to arrange your free on-site product demonstration.

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