fmfirst® ebme

The EBME device maintenance and management system for the NHS


Specialist equipment requires specialist monitoring and maintenance.  fmfirst® ebme supports trust wide specialist electro-biomedical engineering equipment management in-line with CQC guidelines.

fmfirst® ebme monitors trust owned equipment, making EBME assets fully trackable.  Key assets are fully visible along with all other trust assets managed by fmfirst®.

Benefit from:

  • Accurate asset tracking with loan store/history (internal and external), model numbers and locations
  • Business continuity with critical notice alerts and location specific hazard registry
  • Centrally controlled dedicated EBME task help desk
  • Integration capability with direct data downloads from key safety test equipment
  • Simplified asset maintenance scheduling with planned, ad hoc and multiple frequency tasks
  • Asset management and maintenance for accurate costings and budgeting
  • Health and Safety compliance including hazard warnings
  • Staff qualification/training/competency checks for skilled asset maintenance
  • Full maintenance history for each EBME asset including permanent record of all maintenance, test and repair actions

Find out how fmfirst® can help monitor your essential assets.  Access the fmfirst® ebme data sheet or call us on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.