Cloud based cleaning

fmfirst® cleaning – cloud based cost savings

Cleaning audit softwareCloud based applications offer multiple benefits including: faster system access, greater user flexibility, improved system availability and business continuity all contributing to increase cost savings and overall efficiency.

Our cloud based cleaning audit management system fmfirst® cleaning, supports infection control measures by enabling fast and accurate identification of cleaning standards breaches, plus system allocated remedial actions.

  • Simplified task tracking and reporting functionality supports full traceability and management control
  • Auto-generated audit schedules ensure full audit compliance, effective risk management and proof of best practice
  • Reduced reliance on internal IT teams, cloud based systems can be accessed and maintained remotely
  • Reduced spending on technology infrastructure
  • Reduced need for on-site physical server space and internal IT support provision, fmfirst® cleaning in the cloud supports efficiency savings with instant system installations, updates and dedicated support

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