Facilities Management guide

How to choose the right Facilities Management system for your organisation

Facilities Management encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment – integrating people, place, process and technology” IFMA definition.

Almost all organisations have a requirement for a secure, robust, Facilities Management software system.  Rapid technological advances in Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) web and mobile, support overall productivity improvements and long-term cost savings.

Choosing the right Facilities Management software can make a significant impact on your organisation’s efficiency and productivity targets.  Cost effective FM operating platforms offer a single source, fully integrated CAFM software system.  Robust site management software offers the assurance of full system support at every stage of the management process including staff and resource planning activities.

What should an effective Facilities Management software system provide?

•    Single source data management – improved data efficiency and accuracy
•    Mobile compatibility – efficient work allocation and task management
•    Central system data integration – for live data updates
•    Accurate data management – informed decision making
•    Automated task management – reduced help-desk contact
•    Paper-free technology – task/asset associated document storage
•    Business continuity – with planned preventative maintenance tasks and ad hoc tasks
•    Task scheduling – reduced travel time and increase daily productivity
•    Improved reporting accuracy – including at location, live data updates
•    Consistency – automated processes can be replicated/compared/benchmarked
•    Long-term peace of mind – full audit trail (eg. cleaning audits) for evidence of legislative compliance

Mobile advances

The continued growth of mobile and web technology means that the majority of CAFM software systems are now developed to be fully compatible with mobile.  Mobile technology enables cross-site efficiency with reduced remote worker travel time and improved task efficiency with self-service task management taking pressure off centralised help-desks.

Task status updates to central applications provide instant, live data to inform and strengthen the management decision making process.

Increasingly, CAFM software systems are becoming web/cloud-based , offering further flexibility relating to the physical location of your system with on or off-site location options (via remote hosting).  A cloud based option offers a cost effective alternative to trusts with limited in-house IT resource or physical space.

Data – your most valuable resource

The data in your organisation is an invaluable resource essential for informed budgeting, staffing and resource planning.  Harnessing the essential data in your organisation via an intuitive, targeted facilities management system can produce highly accurate, meaningful management information.  User-friendly functionality, astute navigation and system integration/data sharing, further promote data accuracy.

System evolution

The technological and Health Sector environments are constantly evolving.  In-line with these changes, CAFM systems have also evolved through on-going user consultation and close industry monitoring.  By being aware of ongoing user needs and legislative shifts, today’s CAFM software systems are able to provide finely tuned software solutions to fully support your facilities management activities.

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