Meet cleaning standards

How can you prove that your hospital environment meets current cleaning standards?

The NHS continues to face ongoing pressure on its resources. Health organisations are continually having to look for new ways to make cost and efficiency savings while maintaining the highest possible standards in facilities management and ultimately, patient care.

Poor cleaning standards represent a threat to patients, staff and visitors alike. Hospitals need to be able to readily demonstrate their cleanliness standards and adherence to current cleaning and infection prevention legislation. Providing proof of effective cleaning management can only be achieved by having robust internal audit measures in place to assess cleaning standards and ensure that the correct processes are being followed.

A clean environment provides the right setting for good patient care practice and good infection control. It is important for efficient and effective healthcare.” National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS

The introduction of new technologies including web and mobile functionality are now key to providing accurate real-time audit reporting, improved communications and budgetary control.

Asckey’s health sector focused cleaning audit management tool fmfirst® cleaning has been developed to help trusts meet current cleaning audit management standards and legislation. Functionality supports requirements for National Specifications for Cleanliness 2007, PAS 5748:2014, current Care Quality Commission guidelines and Standards for Better Health core standards compliance. Benefit from:

• Proof of audit compliance for high risk areas including:
o Clearly defined responsibilities and actions (identified per responsible group)
o Defined functional area cleaning intensities, frequencies and designated risk levels
o Allocation of appropriate remedial measures (including room scores)
• Automated cleaning audit scheduling with periodic task frequencies and times
• Greater system flexibility plus fast and simple installation and maintenance
• Reporting accuracy including traceable documentary evidence (including SLA trends)
• Mobile functionality including web reporting portal for continuous site-wide monitoring

By the NHS for the NHS fmfirst® has been developed with the active input of experienced NHS and NHS FM staff. This collective input allows users to contribute towards the development of powerful, customised systems that fully match the needs and realities of today’s NHS. Based on 20+ years’ practical involvement in NHS Facilities Management, fmfirst® provides:

• Integrated functionality for a unified, streamlined operating system
• Simplified operating system with clear task definition, allocation and tracking
• Support for CQC and national care standards relating to the safety and suitability of premises

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