Christmas 2017 Office Hours

Asckey Data Services Ltd. will remain open up to and including Friday 22nd December 2017. The office will be closed from 4pm on Friday 22nd December 2017 and reopens on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

For customers with a genuine emergency on 24/7 support contracts or with a priority 1 emergency, please email Coverage will be very limited during this period and response times will vary.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fmfirst estates v2017.1

fmfirst® estates and facilities v2017.1 includes significant additional new features of the release include the addition of Additional new features include:

  • Integration with SFG20 now allows PPM pre-population with solution’s Core and HTM schedules.
    Ability to assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a job.
  • Ability to schedule your PPM generation for overnight creation.
  • Task tickets can now be created with multiple elements of work, each of which can then be
    assigned to single or multiple staff.
  • New task element sign-off on MTM tasks allowing staff to identify which parts of a job have and
    have not been completed.
  • Phase 1 of new Task Planner allows ‘drag and drop’ allocation of tasks based on dates and staff

SFG20 has been integrated with Asckey’s leading CAFM system fmfirst® estates and facilities, giving organisations increased control over maintenance schedules and costs. The combined solution is available as an option within the standard fmfirst® estates system.  The standard fmfirst PPM (planned preventative maintenance) module will be pre-populated with both the SFG20 core and HTM schedules.  The schedules will be automatically updated each time a relevant SFG20 update is available.  Additional new features in this latest release include the ability to assign multiple trades and/or operatives to a single job where more than one tradesman is involved in a task. Task tickets can now also display multiple work elements and users can sign-off separate job elements. The addition of a new task element sign-off on MTM tasks, allows staff to quickly identify which parts of a job have and have not been completed.  Planned Preventative Maintenance Tasks (PPM’s) can now be scheduled to run on the server overnight saving valuable time and desk-top resources.  Tasks can now be accurately allocated based on specified dates and staff availability by the addition of new task planner ‘drag and drop’ functionality.

fmfirst user feedback group

The fmfirst® user feedback group consists of users old and new, brought together to share their views on the latest developments within fmfirst® estates and facilities release.

We encourage user involvement at every stage of the development process.  This invaluable contribution steers current and future system development; in addition, attendees are able to exchange ideas and share experiences in a lively, interactive session.

Next feedback group meeting – TBC.  If you would like to be included in our next fmfirst feedback group meeting – please contact Phil Wright on 0845 270 7747 for details.

Facilities Show 2017

Facilities Show, London Excel

We recently attended the Facilities Show, ExCel London, to demonstrate the new release of our leading CAFM product suite fmfirst®.  fmfirst® estates and facilities software now incorporates our newly integrated SFG20* module.

The fmfirst® product suite is highly adaptable with a wealth of modules suitable for use across all sectors. In addition to the core estates and facilities module, new modules including health and safety (asbestos and legionella), cleaning audit management module and flexible survey tools.  All modules provide essential web, mobile and intergration functionality.

The Facilities Show, London Excel is an annual event that welcomes over 11000 FM professionals across all industries. The show offers a wealth of seminars, case studies and panel debates from experts in the industry covering current topics in Facilities Management and industry insight. The show includes a variety of exciting features on the show floor including the Innovation Trail, the Meet the Buyers Zone, and a Networking Bar.
Contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 to find about how SFG20* can support your CAFM operations and realise considerable cost savings.

Productivity and fmfirst®

fmfirst productivity chartThe NHS is facing continual pressure with increasing demands on its resources including an ageing population, technological advances and further calls for on-going efficiency savings. With growing media and public attention in relation to quality of patient care (including recent high profile CQC activity), increasingly, there is a requirement to balance calls for improvements in productivity against maintaining the highest possible standards of facilities management and ultimately patient care.

In 2009 the NHS announced that in response to the economic downturn and the increasing demands on healthcare, it would need to deliver between fifteen and twenty billion pounds worth of efficiency savings per year by 2013-14.  With around 40 per cent of these savings expected to come from increased efficiency in hospitals, the Kings Fund estimated that this would require year-on-year productivity gains of around 6%.

The 2012 Nuffield Trust report `Can NHS hospitals do more with less?’ states that such saving levels can only be achieved through hospitals making significant improvements in productivity and efficiency and the identification of opportunities to `enhance outcomes and reduce costs by speeding up the adoption of affordable new technologies.’

Free White Paper from Asckey – improving productivity in NHS estates and facilities management outlines how new software technology can support efficiency saving targets.

SFG20 fmfirst integration

Asckey have signed an agreement with BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) to become their first Approved Provider of SFG20.

This means we are now able to supply fmfirst® estates and facilities ready programmed with the SFG20 data and relevant HTM instructions and frequencies. This data will be automatically updated each time a revised SFG20 update is released.

Find out more.

AHCP Conference 2017

AHCP National Forum 2017
`Learning Together Growing Stronger‘ – Hexham, Northumberland

This recent event was an extremely valuable and informative 2 day conference providing networking opportunities with colleagues in the NHS cleaning community. The 2017 forum, Learning Together Growing Strong had a fresh new educational format providing delegates with additional workshop sessions and face-to-face time with exhibitors.

2017 Topics to included:

Team focussed delivery
Implementing small changes to delivery teams and how it can benefit the organisation

The changing face of employment
Staff representations to understand the employee perspective

North East Transformation System
Working together growing strong – applying multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving through lean

The Changing Face of Employment – Employers Perspective
A legal and employers perspective

Lean Management and the Development of Health Care Premises
How applying lean principles can improve FM services

Team Roles/Learning Styles
Interactive team building exercises to understand team dynamics, how to stay motivated and learn more

Access the AHCP website for membership details.

Asckey were demonstrating the latest edition of their cleaning audit management tool fmfirst® cleaning.  Discover fmfirst Cleaning audit management tool.


Summer 2016

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You may already be aware of a recent security flaw disclosed in respect to Intel processors (other processors may be affected but as yet no confirmed reports) as used in IT systems, these flaws have been named Meltdown and Spectre.

These flaws have the potential to allow an attacker to bypass kernel access protections such that regular apps can read the content of kernel memory. However it is important to note that there have been no reports of anybody exploiting this vulnerability at this stage.

The mitigation is to provide isolation between apps and the kernel by means of OS/Application patches and firmware updates for affected processors, however, there is potential that the extra software processing and mitigation methods may have some impact to system performance, but this is very dependent on workloads and how they use speculative processing of data.

What does this mean?

A number of updates and patches are being issued by Microsoft, VMware and Linux which will help protect against this flaw, however, this might impact on performance.

What are Asckey doing?

The Asckey team are evaluating the updates and feedback from Microsoft, VMware, Linux and hardware vendors with our Operations teams working through and testing these before raising any relevant changes. Any changes will be communicated out to you directly via the usual support channels, with OS/Application patching anticipated to be performed in the normal scheduled patch window unless customers specifically request this to be bought forward.

Where a standard change already exists for a particular patching activity, this will proceed without specific communication to our customers. Asckey operates an ITIL framework approach to change management and as such, standard changes are agreed for low impact and risk activities that do not require approval for each instance.

Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact Asckey Support on or by phone on 0845 270 7747.

Facilities Management Software guide

How do you choose the right facilities management system for your organisation?

Estates hm pgFacilities management encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment – integrating people, place, process and technology” IFMA definition.

Almost all organisations have a requirement for a secure, robust, facilities management system. Rapid technological advances in Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) web and mobile, support overall productivity improvements and long-term cost savings.

Choosing the right facilities management software can make a significant impact on your organisation’s efficiency and productivity targets. Cost effective FM operating platforms offer a single source, fully integrated CAFM software system. Robust site management software offers the assurance of full system support at every stage of the management process including staff and resource planning activities.

What should an effective CAFM software system provide?

• Single source data management – improved data efficiency and accuracy
• Mobile compatibility – efficient work allocation and task management
• Central system data integration – for live data updates
• Accurate data management – informed decision making
• Automated task management – reduced help-desk contact
• Paper-free technology – task/asset associated document storage
• Business continuity – with planned preventative maintenance tasks and ad hoc tasks
• Task scheduling – reduced travel time and increase daily productivity
• Improved reporting accuracy – including at location, live data updates
• Consistency – automated processes can be replicated/compared/benchmarked
• Long-term peace of mind – full audit trail (eg. cleaning audits) for evidence of legislative compliance

Mobile advances

The continued growth of mobile/web technology means that the majority of CAFM software systems are now developed to be fully compatible with mobile. Mobile technology enables cross-site efficiency with reduced remote worker travel time and improved task efficiency with self-service task management taking pressure off centralised help-desks.

Task status updates to central applications provide instant, live data to inform and strengthen the management decision making process.

Increasingly, CAFM software systems are becoming web/cloud-based , offering further flexibility relating to the physical location of your system with on or off-site location options (via remote hosting). A cloud based option offers a cost effective alternative to trusts with limited in-house IT resource or physical space.

Data – your most valuable resource

The data in your organisation is an invaluable resource essential for informed budgeting, staffing and resource planning. Harnessing the essential data in your organisation via an intuitive, targeted facilities management system can produce highly accurate, meaningful management information. User-friendly functionality, astute navigation and system integration/data sharing, further promote data accuracy.

System evolution

The technological and Health Sector environments are constantly evolving. In-line with these changes, CAFM systems have also evolved through on-going user consultation and close industry monitoring. By being aware of ongoing user needs and legislative shifts, today’s CAFM software systems are able to provide finely tuned software solutions to fully support your facilities management activities.  Contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 for your free on-site CAFM software review and demonstration.

Discover the fmfirst® product suite – the complete CAFM software system developed by the NHS for the NHS.