The future of CAFM software

Trusts are increasingly under pressure to find new and improved ways to make efficiency savings and improve productivity.  What is the future of CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management software) systems and how can they help meet the challenges ahead?

CAFM software systems continue to evolve and recent advances in technology and sector focused, innovative product development are focused on improving the facilities management process. Improved communications, reporting mechanisms and audit  compliance help to simplify and streamline all areas of estates and facilities management.

Continuous improvements in Computer Aided Facilities Management software technology enable new functionality to evolve in-line with current user needs and legislative requirements.

The future is in the cloud

Eliminating the need to download and install applications, cloud computing provides even greater efficiency with all data processing and storage maintained in the cloud.  Applications are provided and managed via a remote server and data is stored remotely.  CAFM software systems in the Cloud provide an effective solution for trusts struggling with inadequate internal IT infrastructure or support.

Cloud computing means improved:

Efficiency – CAFM software systems are designed for greater efficiently. Reduced paperwork, travel and administration time mean that essential freed-up resources can be allocated elsewhere.  Instant system updates and remote support access also ensure essential business continuity.

Cost savings and budgeting – cloud based systems eliminate the need for costly hardware updates and storage.  On site IT support costs are also reduced as the system is maintained centrally by the application provider.

Data Security – real-time, up-to-date, accurate data supports the facilities management process. An effective CAFM system provides a reliable and robust, strategic data management tool.

Reporting – Data is your most valuable asset and the availability of accurate, live data supports the managerial decision making process. CAFM systems provide valuable, high quality real-time data for everyday reporting. Survey tools allow for the accurate monitoring of essential site statistics (eg. stock control) with the added benefit of a long-term audit trail.

CAFM software Further enhancements for CAFM software have come from advances in mobile functionality. Providing greater flexibility, mobile access allows trades staff to receive and report back on tasks at location, saving valuable travel and task administration time. Mobile task management (MTM) ensures accurate, real-time reporting, with live updates available at any location, at anytime.

Facilities management software is constantly evolving in-line with changes within the CAFM sector. As legislation and working practices evolve, CAFM software functionality adapts seamlessly, taking facilities managers into the future prepared to meet their next challenge.

This Future of CAFM Software white paper from Asckey looks at the emergence of `Smart Technologies’ and interactive user focused functionality. The fmfirst® product suite can help support your essential estates and facilities tasks – call us today on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.