CAFM overview

fmfirst logoEffective Facilities Management software or Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems, provide support for all estates related activities including operational, administrative, financial, technical, strategic and planning tasks.

Facilities Management software enables the collection of data from a variety of sources using intuitive technology.  Intuitive data collection provides improved accuracy, notable time saving and reduced error rates.  Web-based CAFM systems provide a multitude of features including enhanced scheduling and analysis capability. Mobile functionality provides full cross-site system coverage with accurate `at location’ reporting.  Mobile Task Management (MTM) provides site-wide control over remote workers with full accountability and essential audit trail.

Web and mobile functionality offers full flexibility with faster system maintenance and remote user access.  Such systems provide accurate, real-time reporting data to support the management decision making process in relation to financing, resourcing, stock and budgetary control.

The facilities management software sector has changed rapidly over just a short number of years and continues to evolve. Today’s facilities management software systems link your key reporting areas to provide a highly efficient, unified, cross-site management and live reporting data.  Live updates and access to reliable, real-time, accurate data means fewer costly mistakes and increased efficiency.

Discover fmfirst® facilities management software for:

  • efficiency savings – clear visibility of all estates and facilities tasks from a centralised CAFM help desk means better informed management decision making in relation to eg. staffing, resourcing and stock control
  • fast, accurate reporting – centralised integrated business intelegence data for budgeting, reporting and greater accuracy plus live, on location task reporting
  • increased productivity – meaningful status reports can be accessed quickly and automated task scheduling enables vital business continuity
  • improved customer service – implementation of targeted CAFM software can help improve services to your trades staff and ultimately to the end user
  • reduced waste – asset management and stock control modules help monitor real-time equipment and stock usage
  • reduced risk – hazard notices and scheduled maintenance tasks
  • web based functionality – instant support access and timely version control
  • mobile functionality – site-wide control and task monitoring
  • integration with fmfirst® cleaning audit management software

Discover the fmfirst® product suite – integrated Facilities Management software tailored to meet your specific operational requirements. Call Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 to arrange a free onsite Facilities Management Software review and consultation. Free trial options available.